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With HealthSherpa's faster and easier alternative to, you'll have the leading technology you need to maximize your Marketplace experience. Streamlining the enrollment process for FFM health insurance agents.

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Agility has partnered with HealthSherpa, an innovative healthcare technology and the country's largest ACA agent enrollment platform.

Benefits of using HealthSherpa


1) No redirect to

2) No more waiting rooms

3) No more 3-way calls with CMS

4) Pre-populated renewal apps


1) Bulk email marketing

2) Branded enrollment site for your self-serve clients


1) Shop and enroll from one site

2) Eligibility notices

3) Drug & provider search


1) Upload documents for clients

2) Resolve DMIs & upload docs

3) Real-time status & notifications

4) Make first payment

5) Report life changes

6) Document retrieval (e.g. 1095As)

7) Add any Marketplace client


1) Maintain consumer relationship

2) Year-round technology support

3) Track client activity

4) Referral bonus program

5) Reporting & analytics

The Stats Don't Lie...

( *DE = Direct Enrollment )

  • Enrolled 3M+ consumers
  • Submitted 1.2M+ EDE enrollments
  • Used by 36,000 agents
  • Support 100 Percent EDE-approved carriers
  • 20 Percent Higher effectuation vs. DE*
  • 14 Percent Higher self-serve rate vs. DE*
  • 8 Min application vs. 30 min DE*

EDE (Enhanced Direct Enrollment) is a powerful new technology that simplifies the enrollment process and provides complete policy management functionality—without going to

What is EDE?

How to Create an Agent Account to Enroll ACA Clients:

To get started, follow the link above & then the steps below:

healthsherpa how to video
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healthsherpa personal infohealthsherpa account

Step 1
Head over to HealthSherpa and click on the “For Agents” link.

Step 2
Click on the blue “Start Enrolling Faster” button.

healthsherpa account creationhealthsherpa compliance

Step 3
Enter your email address and password — and then click “sign up” (this email address will be your HealthSherpa login).

Step 4
Enter your name, company/agency name, preferred phone number, and select how you heard about us.

healthsherpa cash for clientshealthsherpa npn login

Step 5
Select the type of account you would like to open:
“Join an existing agency”An agent account linking up to an upline agency - Input Join Code B4FD

Step 6
Choose each state and carrier you are licensed and appointed with as an agent (not at the agency level).

healthsherpa cash for clientshealthsherpa npn login

Step 7.
Turn on the referral program — this is a great opportunity to get paid for ACA enrollments when you don’t have a contract with a specific carrier.

Step 8
Enter your FFM Username (also known as your CMS portal login) and provide your individual NPN, not the agency’s.

healthsherpa cash for clientshealthsherpa npn login

Step 9
Go through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) check (this must be authorized to finalize and open your account)

Step 10
Congratulations!! You’ve created a new HealthSherpa account!

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