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Supplemental Plans for You and Your Family

Supplemental plans are designed to help cover out-of-pocket expenses that may not be covered by your group or individual health plan. Call us today for more details!

  • Accident Insurance

    After an accident, medical bills can pile up. Accident insurance (supplemental accident insurance or personal accident insurance) can help with medical costs caused by an accidental injury.

  • Critical Illness

    Being diagnosed with a critical illness not only affects your health, but your finances, as well. Critical Illness coverage pays a lump sum cash benefit directly to you in the event of a critical health condition.

  • Life Insurance

    Term life insurance is exactly what it sounds like – a life insurance policy that you buy for a set number of years – a term – to help your family financially in the event of your death.

  • Disability Income Insurance

    Disability income insurance or temporary disability insurance, provides a monthly benefit that can help you cover things like food, rent, utilities, or car payments in the event that you are unable to work due to a disability.

  • Dental Insurance

    Dental insurance is coverage for common dental care services ranging from preventive care like routine cleanings to more major services like root canals.

  • Vision Insurance

    Vision benefits may include routine eye exams, prescription glasses or contact lenses and discounts on other vision-related services (including laser surgery).

  • Hospital and Doctor Insurance

    Hospital and doctor fixed indemnity insurance pays you a set amount of money when you receive specific covered medical services. You get cash to use as you need to help you deal with those expenses.

  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance

    Hospital Indemnity insurance is a plan that pays you benefits when you are confined to a hospital, whether for planned or unplanned reasons, or for other medical services, depending on the policy.