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It is our mission to be the brand that parents trust to help them achieve financial security and protection for their families. By providing affordable, industry-leading child life insurance plans in addition to other adult life insurance policies, we strive to give our customers the comfort and peace of mind they deserve.

Available Markets: Life & Annuities

Available States: All States


Guaranteed Life

Product Type: Whole Life

Market: Individual

Issue Type: Simplified Issue

Description: Whole Life plan designed for juveniles (children) with Face Values between $5,000 - $50,000.


Grow Up Plan

Product Type: Final Expense

Market: Individual

Issue Type: Guaranteed Issue

Description: Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan builds cash value that you can borrow against as long as premiums are paid – that's money you can request if and whenever you need it.You can't be turned down for a Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan.The only requirement for obtaining a Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Whole Life Policy with $5,000 to $25,0001 in guaranteed coverage is that you are between 50 and 80 years old. That's it! There are no medical exams, no health questions, no waiting for test results.Your acceptance – regardless of your health – is guaranteed!Your spouse, if aged 50 to 80, is also eligible for up to $25,0001 in guaranteed protection with the Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan.Your policy builds cash value.The Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan is whole life insurance that provides guaranteed coverage, as long as premiums are paid. It also has cash value. Cash value is money that Gerber Life sets aside for your future. The longer you hold the policy, the more money accumulates in your policy.

Product Type: Accidental Death

Market: Individual

Issue Type: Guaranteed Issue

Description: Full benefits are paid for loss of life as a direct result of injury. Full benefits are also paid for the loss of: both hands, both feet, sight in both eyes, one hand and one foot, one hand and sight in one eye, or one foot and sight in one eye. Half cash benefits are paid for the loss of: one hand, one foot or sight in one eye.

Product Type: Whole Life

Market: Individual

Issue Type: Simplified Issue

Description: Whole Life plan designed for children's college savings account, with Face Values between $10,000 - $150,000 and cash benefit paid on issue age.

College Plan

Accident Protection

Gerber Life Insurance Broker Contracting

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