Agility Insurance Services is your Field Marketing Organization (FMO) and General Agency (GA) for Individual, Senior and Group products throughout the United States.

Why Choose Agility?

Top-Level Agent
Support & Engagement

Founded in 2009, Agility Insurance Services is a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) and General Agency (GA) for regional and national life, accident and health insurance companies. These partnerships allow our agents to offer a broad selection of individual, group and Medicare plans that match the needs of their clients. From individual and family health insurance to small group marketing and Medicare sales support, you can expect top-level agent support year-round.

Agility's agents are the backbone of our success, so we go to great lengths to see that you are successful. Like many agencies, our support services include initial onboarding, carrier contracting and product training. Unlike other agencies, our support services also include bilingual support specialists, technology platforms to improve enrollment efficiency, marketing plan development and implementation, access to customized and targeted marketing materials, enrollment support and commissions advocacy with carriers.

How does Agility Support Insurance Agents?

Your FMO and GA for Individual, Senior & Group Products


Who is Agility Insurance Services?

Agility is a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) and General Agency (GA) for life, accident and health insurance companies throughout the United States. Founded in 2009, Agility takes pride in training and supporting independent insurance professionals who consistently and compliantly meet their personal sales goals.

If I get contracted with a carrier today, do I become a captive agent with Agility?

Absolutely not! You will continue to be an independent agent with all the benefits of being independent. Whether you are looking for a single carrier or multi-carrier support, we are here to help you grow your own business!

What services does Agility provide for agents?

Carrier and industry training (in-person and webinar sessions)

Skip Enroll clients using your FREE health insurance enrollment platform for all carriers contracted through Agility (including subsidy application)

Access to customized and targeted marketing materials

Assistance with marketing plan development and implementation

Commissions and enrollment advocacy with carriers

Bilingual support specialists

Where does Agility operate?

Agility and its responsible agents are licensed in all 50 states and D.C., so no matter where you work, give us a call or Get Appointed for best in class support!

What kind of training does Agility provide?

Agility's support team regularly conducts face-to-face training sessions for individual and family health plans, Medicare plans and group health insurance. If you can't attend a local event, our recorded webinars are valuable alternatives that can be viewed at your convenience. To RSVP for an event, visit our Training and Events page today!

What products does Agility offer?

Individual & Family Health Insurance
Medicare Health Plans
Group Health Plans
Short-Term Medical & Supplemental
Life Insurance


Agility and its responsible agents are licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, so we can accommodate your growth with life, accident and health insurance sales in the senior, individual and group markets.


Agility sets its agents up for success by sponsoring marketing programs and events, providing campaign assistance, and offering branding, lead generation opportunities, prospecting and advertising guidance. We pair our carrier and industry partners with our agents to create business opportunities from several marketing channels.

So, the question is: what marketing efforts suit you best? Community events? Mail campaigns? Retail kiosks? Whatever your preference, we're here to help develop your marketing strategy to achieve optimal success.

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